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Prolom Spa – Serbia


On the road to Nis and towards Pristina, at the 70th kilometre near the town of Rudare, a road branches to the left leading to 11 km distant Prolom Spa, a balneological and climatic resort in southern Serbia underneath Mt. Radan (1409 m) and Mt. Sokolovice (1050 m).

Village of Prolom Spa

Prolom Spa was named by the nearby village of Prolom, situated in the area full of green plants and clean air, at the altitude of 550 – 668 m.
It is 22 km south-east of Kursumlia, 81km from Nis and 290 km south-west of Belgrade. (There are another two, much older spas near Kursumlija – Kursimlijska and Lukovska Spas.)

The waters of Prolom Spa, issued from several springs, are without taste or odour – belonging to nitric, sulphureous, siliceous and low-mineralized, highly-alkaline hypothermae (19.2° – 33.8° C), used for therapeutic purposes by bathing and drinking.

The waters are of broad spectrum of healful effects; there are no counter indications.
The medicinal mineral mud is also used in treatments. As this water has got diuretic and bactericide properties as well, it is often used for both introducing and continuing of the Spa treatment.

The water is bottled and marketed as the “Prolom Voda” table water.

Prolom Spa is one of the youngest balneological centres in Serbia, but still it has been visited by increasing number of people in the last decade or two.
Intensive development of the Spa started in 1962; unofficially the Spa was opened in 1968, but it obtained official Spa status only in January 1977, and since then has operated within “Planinka” enterprise from Krusevac.

Treatments in Prolom Spa are conducted under the supervision of the medical staff in the therapeutic block capable of accommodating 1500 patients daily.
The therapies include:

  • drinking cures
  • hydrotherapy (indoor pool, under water massage, local baths)
  • peloid-therapy (bathing mud)
  • electro-therapy and
  • kinesi-therapy.

There is a special treatment named “Beauty Care” that includes bioelectric facial toning, a complex cellulite therapy and biotron-therapy.

Walking in the beautiful surrounding of Prolom Spa, along the four designated “health tracks”, is the constituent part of the treatment in this Spa.

The healful mineral water, the Spas location and air – the climate is moderately continental, with lots of sunny days during the year – have enabled it to develop, besides medicinal, the recreational and excursion tourism forms as well.

Excursions to Djavolja Varos - Devil's Town

Excursions to Kursumlija and its 12th century churches are organized,
as well as those to Djavolja Varos (devil’s town), which is a unique masterpiece of the nature,
and to Serbian medieval monasteries in Kosovo and Metohija,
to Gazimestan and Kursumlijska and Lukovska Spas.

Hotel Radan - Prolom Spa Serbia

Accommodation is available in “Radan” Hotel of B category with its dispensaries and 440 beds, and in 1700 beds in private houses.